Saturday, February 13, 2016

Galaxy Series - Book Two Status

When I first published The Orthogonal Galaxy, the first book of the Galaxy Series, I had set a goal to finish the second book of the series at the end of 2015.  Sadly, that deadline came and went, but I'm pleased to announce that I have a cohesive first draft for the second book.  The one thing that is missing, however, is a title!  Hopefully, as I go back and edit the book, the inspiration will come.  It is odd that I have working titles for nearly all six books of the series, except for book 2.

So, I'm sure that the question that is seated deeply on the mind of both of my fans is..... when can I read book 2?  I wish I had a good answer for that, but there are still a few loose ends to tie up.  Editing is clearly the biggest task remaining, but there will also be cover art, formatting, and publishing.  In the meantime, I'll tease the book a little by telling you what you can expect to learn from book 2.  In this installment, you will:
  • Discover what our astronauts, Paol Joonter and Blade Slater find on Earth2.
  • Learn whether the Star Transport mission will succeed or end in disaster.
  • Find out what Professor Zimmer and his post-doc research team discover as they continue to track the superluminal comet.
  • Meet a host of new characters that will be endearing, quirky, tough, and conniving.  Many will have some very tough decisions to make along the way.  Will they make the right decision, or will they make jeopardize the succsess of our heroes?
I am excited to release the second installment of the Galaxy Series and make some discoveries of my own, such as:
  • Will this new author be a one-hit wonder, or can he repeat his success in entertaining his readers on a mediocre 3.6-out-of-5 star caliber? 
  • Are one-star reviewers capable of giving useful feedback, so I can improve my writing ability?
  • Are Smashword or Amazon readers better judges of good sci-fi material, or are they just more kind in their ratings?
 Stay tuned... my next blog post should announce the publication of book two!