Saturday, November 29, 2014

PUBLISHED: The Orthogonal Galaxy (Galaxy Series, #1)

So, I found it much harder than I thought it would be to push the big "Send" button on CreateSpace for my very first novel.  Did I edit sufficiently?  What will people think of the story?  Is my writing style as bad as I fear it is?  Will my characters be likeable or forgettable? 

Throwing "The Orthogonal Galaxy" out there for anyone to read is pretty scary, but in the end, I had to remind myself that I didn't do this to get the acclaim of sci-fi readers.  The process of writing a novel, enjoying the flow of creativity, and learning tons about astronomy and quantum physics was worth the effort even if the book never got published.  The publishing is mainly an opportunity to get the book onto my bookshelf at home, and allow family and friends the opportunity to see my writing hobby for themselves as well. 

On this page, I've included links to both, where the book can be acquired in paperback or Kindle versions, and to the Goodreads entry for the book, where any soul brave enough to read a new author's first novel can rate the effort anywhere from 0 to 5 stars, and provide a review that would certainly help me improve in the craft as I venture into the next book of the series.