Saturday, January 3, 2015

Looking Forward to 2015

This time of the year, everyone is setting goals.  Some are resolving to lose weight.  Others are bracing themselves to kick bad habits.  Some may be planning on spending more time with family, engaging more in their hobbies and talents, or maybe even reading more books.  After having published my first book, I am planning on ramping up my writing this year, just in case someone actually enjoys "The Orthogonal Galaxy" and wants to read more of the series.  As a result, I have planned on publishing two works this year. 

The first, titled "The Midas Project", will be a novelette of about 70 pages.  Effectively a prequel to the Galaxy Series, it is set in an earlier time than "The Orthogonal Galaxy".  While it is elaborates on an element of book 1 and has clear elements of science fiction in through futuristic inventions, it is more properly classified as detective fiction. 

A second project for the year will be book 2 in the Galaxy Series, which is still an untitled work.  It will return to the science fiction roots of the series and will pick up where Book 1 leaves off.  A significant plot thread is already written down, but I have at least two other threads to weave through the story which are in early outline form at this point. 

Happy New Year!