Saturday, August 29, 2015

Galaxy Series Update

I would like to think that the universe to be a fairly balanced place to exist.  In life, we all have to deal with ups and downs, good news and bad.  This blog post is no different.

First the bad news.  Earlier this summer, I announced a prequel novella to be released soon.  That blog post showed the cover that the art shop had prepared.  I was ever so close to hitting the publish button after having edited it a couple of times.  But here's the problem...  I'm not sure it's a high-enough quality of work to release.  I may come back to this project in the future, but I learned something along the way.  It's actually easier to write a full-length novel than it is to write a novella.  This should seem counter-intuitive, but I think I know why this is the case.  With a novel, there is more time to develop solid characters that are likable.  I also found that with my novella, the plot just seemed too rushed.  So, in the interim, I will take a mental note to figure out how to create a better work of different lengths.

But, here's the good news.  Work on book two of the Galaxy Series is progressing nicely.  I am pleased with the way it is developing and hope for it to be even more gripping and enjoyable than the first book.  I would still like to get it published by the end of the year, but not if it would mean compromising on quality.  Currently, The Orthogonal Galaxy ranks 1019 among all Science Fiction eBooks on  While that's still very, very far from "best seller" status, there are over 111,000 books in this category, so it does at least rank in the top 1% of all Sci-Fi eBooks on  I'm sure the fact that it costs $0.00 to purchase on Kindle doesn't hurt, but it's still an accomplishment I never expected to happen, and am pleased that at least some have enjoyed downloading and reading it.