Sunday, March 5, 2017

Twisted Galaxy Blurb

The Twisted Galaxy is getting ever so close to publication now.  I'm expecting another round of edits back from the editor now, and based on initial feedback, I think we'll be very close to a final draft very soon... so close in fact, that I have already created the ISBN with CreateSpace and began an entry on Goodreads.

As a teaser, here is the blurb for the book:

Astronauts Paol Joonter and Blade Slater have landed on a planet thousands of light years from their home world.  Considered by many to be a suicidal effort, they have safely completed the first year of a twelve year mission.  What will they find on Earth2, and how will it shape the directive they were given by NASA?  As they explore and learn about this new world for six years, they hope to find friendly conditions there, knowing they will still have to survive the perilous ride back home on the tail of a superluminal comet.

While wondering about their beloved astronauts, Professor Zimmer and his team of postdoctoral researchers worry about the state of the mission and make even more startling discoveries about the nature of the comet.  As they come to better understand its past, they can't help to wonder what the return of the comet portends for the outcome of the mission.

I'm super excited to get this book published and start working on book #3.  The research is well under way, and there are already so many ideas swirling about in my head (and in my notes!) that I'm ready to get started on the next project.