Tuesday, April 18, 2017

PUBLISHED: "The Twisted Galaxy" (Galaxy Series, #2)

My new novel, "The Twisted Galaxy" is now available at Amazon.com and Smashwords.  The eBook is priced at $0.99 on all platforms, while the paperback is listed at $9.99.

This is the second book in "The Galaxy Series" and follows astronauts Paol Joonter and Blade Slater on their mission to Earth2.  Meanwhile, Professor Zimmer and his research team continue to learn more about the superluminal comet on its subsequent flybys of Earth1.  If you'd like to read a preview, you can do it here.

After 2.5 years of writing, editing, and revising, I'm excited to release this novel to the world, and hope to receive feedback on what I can do to continue to hone my writing skills as the series progresses.  One of the consistent criticisms of "The Orthogonal Galaxy" was that it needed more editing.  So, this time, I hired an editor to help me produce a story with much higher quality.  I produced no fewer than five drafts, reading each one carefully through, while giving my editor a crack to poke at a few of them as well.  While I'm sure it won't be perfect (I see editing problems even in blockbuster novels!) I hope that it shows marked improvement between books one and two.

Let me know what you think.